A Plumbing Job is not Risk Free

GPDD is here to provide some basic information about risks common in the plumbing trade.  Similar risks apply to electricians and other people working in the skilled construction trades, so read on and apply the below to your industry.

A plumber’s job is one with a long history going back thousands of years.  Despite all this history, knowledge and experience, workplace accidents still happen.   You may be working in hot environments, cramped spaces, or with heavy or sharp objects.  Not to exaggerate, but if you stop paying attention for even a moment, or even if you are paying attention but maybe slip, or perhaps a co-worker loses focus, an injury can happen.

Some injuries that may happen to pipefitters, steamfitters and plumbers can include the following:

  • Injuries to the neck, back or other body parts from carrying, lifting, and bending
  • Repetitive motion injury
  • Eye injuries caused by sparks or flying objects
  • Cuts or burns from cutting, drilling, welding, caulking or soldering
  • Hearing reduction or loss from loud noises
  • Toxic exposure from dangerous chemicals or respiratory injuries from fumes

If you are injured, seek medical attention as soon as possible to get proper care.  Also, as soon as you are able, speak to your insurance company and your employer’s insurance company to see if your care and treatment will be covered by medical or emergency insurance.  If you believe negligence was involved, perhaps talk to an attorney who specializes in injuries to plumbers.  You should not rush into a lawsuit or start threatening anyone, but do make sure your rights are protected and that the parties who should pay for your care do so.

Don’t let this discussion about workplace and on-the-job injuries turn you off to a job in the plumbing trade.  It is actually a very good job, and serious injuries are infrequent.  Quite to the contrary, use this information about common injuries to your advantage by being more knowledgeable and safety-conscious at work.  That will reduce the likelihood of you or a coworker being hurt!

If you’d like to learn more about this career, search on Google.  There are great resources available to help new plumbers, students or armed-service veterans interested in this career learn to become a plumber and find plumbing courses to get trained.  Plumbers make a surprisingly good income, as you can see if you search for pages about plumber salary. Also check out how to get a plumbing license in the different states so you know what is involved.  Whatever you do, be safe.